Boost your social media this year!

Posted on 28/01/2019

We are always being asked by clients on how they can make the most of their Business Page on Facebook. We know that many business owners, especially those that are smaller organisations, are busy balancing a number of different things and therefore don’t have the time or resources to sit and research how to use social media to its full advantage, often putting social media to the bottom of their priority list… 

But we believe Facebook (and social media in general) are crucial for businesses of any size or industry. For this reason, we’ve put together a simple list together of 11 ideas on how to show your Facebook page a little love this year.

  1. Update your business information. Constantly review your page profile to make sure all the details are up to date, this includes opening times, business address and location etc…). Having these details up to date will mean it’s easier for customers to find you and contact you, generating more leads.
  2. Update your page content. It’s always a good idea to update your content regularly all year round. By posting recent and up to date pictures and ensuring your services/menus are up to date it allows any new visitors to your page to see the most up to date information.
  3. Hire additional help. If you need some extra help with managing your social media hire an expert who will know when to post and what to post to gain the most engagement. Social media is constant, and visitors to your page do expect you to be present and prompt. Hiring extra help just takes the strain off you to remember 101 things and then social media as well! Advertise the job to applicants where they are already spending their time: on Facebook.
  4. Stay organised and plan ahead. When we hit a busy period, it is easy to push social media to the back of our mind and leave it looking neglected for a few weeks or even months. But this is the exact opposite of what we should be doing. By planning ahead, you can schedule posts and pictures to be uploaded even when you’re busy. You can even use tools such as Hootsuite and Buffer which are social media managing and marketing dashboard which are easy to use and often contain many tutorials and blogs to educate you. Both of these platforms offer free trails so why not give it a try?
  5. Showcase products through posts. Facebook is the perfect platform to promote new and existing products. In fact, 57.5% of customers are more likely to buy from a brand they follow on social media ( Ensure you are keeping your visitors engaged with regular updates on new products and build a relationship with visitors by offering giveaways and sales online.  
  6. Build deeper connections with page stories. Facebook stories are said to be a big social media trend in 2019 (Hootsuite’s annual report on social media trends 2019). With stories, you can share content as immersive, full-screen experiences. Stories are a great way to engage with your visitors in a more authentic and personal way.
  7. Plan an event. By advertising an event on Facebook, you can connect the people in the real world to your business. You could try and do this as a secret event to allow your customers to feel exclusive to your company, rewarding their loyalty.
  8. Take better photos with your smartphone. Photos and videos have been proven to improve engagement, and it is easy to do. Ensure you are taking high-quality photos, perhaps from multiple angles. Facebook suggests using a product close-up or a customer photo ( The photos you take and post online are representing your company, so make sure you are happy with them before you post them (learn from the status’ you posted online 10 years ago which has since come back round to haunt you).
  9. Encourage customers to message you. One way to build your relationship with your customers is being easily contactable on Facebook Messenger. One to one messaging lets them know that you value them as a customer and 71% of social media users are more likely to buy from your business after a positive social experience (
  10. Easily manage conversations. You may receive many messages throughout the day, make sure you are responsive to these messages so you never have the chance to miss a sale. Having said this, we know realistically no one has the time to run a business and always be online. For this reason, you can set up automatic responses to visitors. Popular messages follow the lines of ‘Thank you for messaging us, we aim to be as responsive as possible and aim to get back to you within the hour’.
  11. Understand which content is resonating. By using Facebook Analytics (one of the most important reasons to have a Facebook Business Page) you can see which posts your customers are engaging with the most, building your relationship and getting to know your customers in depth. Knowing these insights (excuse the pun) can help you determine what to post in the future.

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