Reinventing the wheel…

Posted on 24/01/2017

We at PD thought that the wheel was safely agreed as a nice circle but who’d have thought with a little thinking ‘outside the box’ a triangle could produce such benefits, thus when we saw this we were intrigued…

The sole reason for Moorend Ltd pursued the concept of designing a new type of four-tracked vehicle, was to answer the perennial problems of surface damage caused by wheeled and two-tracked skid-steer machines, when working on unstable, uneven or sensitive ground surfaces. Tyres inevitably create deep ruts, which causes deep troughs, which then quickly transforms into a deep mud quagmire with runoff issues.

The majority of conventional 3.2 Tonne four-wheeled loader/shovels, and two-track skid-steer crawler/carriers up to 10-Tonnes, are known to cause excessive surface-soil damage under sensitive  surface conditions. Two-tracked vehicles provide a part-solution but skid-steer mechanisms generate a tremendously powerful circulating-grinding effect, which in turn deteriorates the surface and mashes the substrate, which again can lead to runoff.

The new Moorend Four-Track System is an advanced engineering alternative that delivers economic, ergonomic and environmental advantages compared with wheeled and two-tracked vehicles.

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